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GPU Widget

To use the GPU widget, make sure to include it in the DASHDOT_WIDGET_LIST. One limitation with the GPU widget is that it will only run out of the box with from source installations. Docker images do not include the necessary tools (mainly, because I don't want to bloat the image for everyone). If you absolutely need the GPU widget running inside a docker container, you will need to create your own image.

These links might help you with that:


To adjust the relative size of the GPU widget.

  • type: number
  • default: 6


To adjust the minimum width of the GPU widget (in px).

  • type: number
  • default: 700


The amount of datapoints in the GPU graph.

  • type: number
  • default: 20


Read the GPU load every x milliseconds.

  • type: number
  • default: 1000