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Quick Setup

Images are hosted on DockerHub, and are available for both AMD64 and ARM devices.

docker container run -it \
-p 80:3001 \
-v /:/mnt/host:ro \
--privileged \
  • The --privileged flag is needed to correctly determine the memory and storage info.

  • The volume mounts on /:/mnt/host:ro is needed to read the usage stats of all drives, read the network usage and read the os version of the host. If you don't like to use this mount, feel free to check out the help page to find a guide on how to set it up manually.


The speed testing feature can consume significant amounts of bandwidth, which can pose problems if your usage is metered (say, by a VPS provider).

Setting the environment variable DASHDOT_SPEED_TEST_INTERVAL to a higher number can mitigate this concern.

Installation Options